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Brenda's Easy-To-Swallow Cookbook
Recipes for mouth cancer survivors

Available from

for £10 +p&p
How to help the Mind, Body & Spirit survive Mouth, Head & Neck Cancer

Contains recipes and tips for mouth, head and neck cancer patients

Available from

For local bookshops
ISBN - 1-4259-5958-X
Also available from the Dunstone Bennett Complementary Therapy Centre for £10
Lots of recipe ideas available from this page on the Macmillan Website.
• Liquidize or sieve soups - add milk or milk powder or double cream

• Liquidize ordinary meals (meat, vegetables and potato) then mix with soup, gravy or milk until the required consistency is obtained

• Try baby foods

• Oxo, Bovril and Marmite can be used as flavourings or mixed with boiled water as a drink

• Use prepared sauce mixes and cook-in sauces

• Milk puddings and custard may be managed if diluted with milk. Sweeten with glucose or sugar. Fortify with milk powder, Complan, Build Up, evaporated milk or double cream

• Yoghurts can be thinned down with milk and taken as a drink, flavoured with pureed fruit or seedless jam

• Ice cream and jelly are good too

• Pineapple sucked in the mouth very gently helps to produce saliva and also fights off bad bacteria

• Porridge or Ready Brek are excellent for breakfast - add active Manuka honey for its healing properties

• Melt pure chocolate into milk or water

• Add eggs to dishes for extra protein