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Facefax Support Group

The Facefax Support Group was originally formed in 1999 by former cancer patients Carol Dunstone and Valerie Johal, with the help of their Maxillofacial Consultant Surgeon and the Maxillofacial Clinical Nurse Specialist at that time. The group was formally established within the Northampton General Hospital in 2001.

The Support Group was formed to aid others who, like Carol and Valerie, were recovering from head, neck or mouth cancer. As the group quickly grew in numbers it became increasingly apparent that the Trustees of Facefax should formally apply for Charitable status, and this was duly formed and registered in 2006. The charity's aim is to offer support and help for patients, their families and carers affected by cancer of the face, head, neck and mouth. Facefax aims to increase the public and medical awareness of this type of cancer in order to obtain early diagnosis which is so essential for the recovery from this little publicised condition. Thankfully both doctors and dentists have been made increasingly aware of this condition and, because of early recognition of symptoms, can greatly increase patients' chances of a good recovery.

The Facefax charity has also undertaken to raise funds for much needed and vital diagnostic equipment for the Maxillofacial Unit at the Northampton General Hospital and is committed to continue to do so when any need arises. In addition to organising fund raising events, Carol Dunstone and Ann Bennett have jointly written their two books, "Trilogy - How to help the Mind, Body and Spirit survive Mouth, Neck and Head Cancer" and "No Time for Cancer". All proceeds from the books are donated to Facefax.

Facefax is also there to help patients with some of the main problems which may occur after surgery and radiotherapy. Some post operative situations can sometimes be very difficult to manage: a temporary loss of speech, difficulties with eating and swallowing and perhaps even a breakdown in self confidence. These situations are not at all unusual, but Facefax has been formed to address these issues by combining all of our experiences from former patients, coupled with the indispensable help and guidance from helpful medical staff.

Various meetings were held within Northampton General Hospital and eventually a structure was formed which resulted in Mr. Gordon Chandler becoming Secretary of the newly formed Facefax Support Group. Gordon undertook to establish Facefax as a registered charity. Anne Hicks, our new Clinical Nurse Specialist, became Chairman of Facefax. This had a profound effect not only upon the direction that the charity should immediately pursue, but of the nature of its overall remit for the future.

Having formed Facefax, Ann Bennett and Carol Dunstone became increasingly aware that we desperately needed a permanent room ideally based near the Northampton General Hospital. This was achieved on 16th October 2009 when the Dunstone Bennett Complementary Centre was initially established within the Cripps Centre in the Northampton General Hospital. In May 2011 we moved to new premises at The Basement Suite, 38 Billing Road, Northampton, NN1 5DQ. Our current Secretary is Julie Lenton.

The DB Centre, supported by Facefax, has been running very successfully since October 2009.
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The Facefax Association Registered Charity Number - 1111412